Sunday, June 20, 2010

He's Back!

Last week the vet came to look at Bodhi along with updating his shots etc. She concluded that he is back to normal!

I had a hunch he was but it was great to hear it as an official prognosis! What a relief. We have been celebrating by doing canter work again. He is now getting both leads perfectly. He is also showing such improvement over fences. Today I tried him over a 1'3 to a 2' bounce and he did great.
I am so happy to have my horse back. I honestly think he is more athletic and balanced then he was before the injury. I think this is partly maturity and partly all the physical training I did with him. Since his left side was his weak side already it really paid off. My vet got a kick of my PT work that included leg lifts. :) I know I am ridiculous. Since the injury happened in March it took about 3 months to completely heal. Just as my vet predicted. That is why they pay her the big bucks!

Look out folks Bodhi and I are back to work!


  1. WONDERFUL NEWS! That is so awesome and I am glad that taking that step back has helped him in the long run to be more balanced. That should help him to prevent injury in the future too, hopefully.

  2. That's great news!

  3. That is such great news!!! Congratulations!

  4. Man, my comments on your blog are not posting for some reason! But, I am very happy to hear this (and was very happy about it yesterday too!) Now, I'm afraid I have to go back and rewrite the novel I wrote on your prior post... sigh. :)

  5. I do moderate my comments now, due to spamming. Let me know if it keeps happening. I want to read your comments! :)