Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ok I am back...

Bodhi this summer while i was away...

It is snowing... but I have my husband and my horse so it can't be too bad.

Bodhi has become quite the western pony while I have been away. He has been to a clinic from a John Lyons certified rider and he is a member of 4H. Best of all he has successfully learned to be happy partner with other riders with other styles.

Riding him again felt wonderful. He remembered everything. I felt like I forgot a few things. He was very happy to jump in right where we left off with clicker training. I think if you have a clicker trained horse and you are wondering if he will adapt to "normal" training.... well I can only speak for Bodhi and I but as long as you find riders and trainers that are soft then you should have no trouble shifting between the two modes of training.

I hope everyone has done well these last 6 months! I missed my horse and reading about your horses.