Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pony Rehab

Bodhi is doing well in his rehab. We have progressed to some trot work along with the walk and he is doing better with several things like releasing tension at the poll than he was prior to the injury. He has had a bunch of energy (for him) and has offered up the canter during ground work (which he NEVER does) and he has been correct on his leads in both directions. We have also had a few bad days because he is a bit fresh and easy to distract and I fear I expect too much of him. He is such a great little worker I get so flummoxed when he has an off day. I need to relax!

The long suffering husband took some pictures yesterday of our ground work and riding. He had a really hard time capturing the right moment for the leg lift work but he took a really cute video.

I chose to use my leg lifting as a cue for his leg lifting because I was hoping to use my own body language for more ground work. If I can get him to cue into my legs I could work on extending and collection etc etc. Besides it's cute. Watch out Rockettes!

Here are some photos of liberty lunging. My dressage whip is also a target stick and lunge whip. Multi-purpose tool! We are working in a fairly large pasture now I would say it is maybe an acre maybe not quite. I am working on getting him to mirror my gate. When I extend he extends

warm up!

Good stretch Bodhi!

Playing the "matching" game!

His trace clip is almost gone!
As for the riding...
My equitation is horrible! I picked the not so painful looking ones so you guys could keep your breakfast. This is why riding without lessons is bad. The last lesson I had my instructor told me I was too far forward. I have obviously took a swing in the opposite direction. Now I am WAY too far back. Something to work on. Also my ankles are always crazy and pointing out like a duck. It is a conformation fault I have. Any one else have this issue? It is infuriating!


  1. Love the video! :-) Bodhi is beautiful. I am new to your blog and I just read your post on Canadian horses. I have one and would highly recommend them. I am a new rider and he's 16.2hh of loveable patience and is also very smart and curious.

  2. Love the free-lunging pictures - thanks! (and don't worry too much about your position - it'll come right)

  3. love love love the photos girl! hes lookin good.

  4. Ah I was going to ask you what breed your horse was I was looking! He is just beautiful.

  5. Great photos! Sorry I haven't been keeping up with you very well but I'm so glad to see that Bodhi is doing well! Now will you come and teach all this fun stuff to my horse? :)

  6. It looks like he tries very hard for you. That's cool.

  7. Could Bodhi get any cuter? I don't think so! Your position will come back naturally soon enough, don't worry about it. I love the whole Rockette movements. Very nice. What a sweetie he is.