Saturday, November 20, 2010


Winter greetings!

Finally... snow. We got to go play in the powder today. A few slips, and Bodhi's feet collected quite a bit of snow (is that normal?) but otherwise we had a great time. My little Florida boy ate a ton of snow and spent a good deal of the time looking like a drama alpaca (I don't think he is quite a llama)

We had a blast though. I look forward to more winter riding!

Snow! nom nom nom nom

Bitless insures that he does not have cold metal in his mouth and he is free to eat snow till the cows come home.....

Bodhi and his trusty side kick miss Stella B!

Drama alpaca!

The husband can be coaxed to ride, and Stella encourages him!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Winter is coming for this Florida girl and her pony. It snowed on Friday but had melted into a think mud by the time I made it out to ride on Saturday. Bodhi had little mud booties on. I went at each leg with a sweat scraper and then a pick and then a hard brush. The arena was too muddy to ride in so we went for a hike down the road (the flood plane had also lived up to it's name).

We worked on some free shaping on getting round. Worked out pretty well. a had him target and stretch down and then follow the target back a bit (towards his body) When I saw his back lift up I clicked and gave him a pat and treat. It helped to distract him as we walked between fields of hundreds of Canada geese. They honked and flushed anytime we got close. I was pretty scared but Bodhi was brave.

Also Bodhi is fat. Really fat. The hay on the property is really good. I am trying not to be to worried. It is his first northern winter and he will have no blanket and it can be -40. So if he looks like a cow it may not be such a bad thing.

In an intrest to keep him from becoming one of those pony cartoon drawings though I am calling all northerners!

What do you do in the Winter? What do you do with snow?

Can I ride in it? Are there rules? What am I supposed to do!!?!!! Besides maybe this. Note the Haflinger in this kids section!

So to all you Northern folks what do you do in the winter to keep horse and rider fit? Any innovative solutions? How about safety tips?