Friday, August 7, 2009

I miss Bodhi

I think i am obsessed really.... every five minutes a sigh and then the thought I miss Bodhi! Oh boy

Yesterday when I made it out to the farm it was already drizzling and gray. Determined not to let another day pass with out some riding done I got Bodhi out of the pasture and put his bridle on and rode him in one of the empty pastures. There is something so spirit lifting- to ride a horse bare back through the drizzleing rain. He was so light and forward and it felt like every slight adjustment I made he would respond to. I am now confident enough to canter him which is so much fun as his powder white mane flaps as he just chugs along. He has such a nice canter for riding bareback. I love his collected trot the most though when we get it just right it feels like I melting right into the horse.

We had some goofy/fun moments as well of me trotting around with my arms outstretched trying to steer only with my legs. He is getting better with that there may be some bridle-less riding in our future! His steering is O.K. but I have to brag that his stop is marvelous. Just say whoa and he stops, or just sit deep and grip and he stops. He then of course thinks he deserves a sugar. What a good boy.

I am on Cloud 9 and feeling very connected with my pony but we have some hurdles ahead of us before I will claim my 4 year old is finally "trained" or broke or finished etc....
Left Lead Canter- I can not get him to pick it up! Not riding or lunging. I am hoping that with more strength training it will come naturally so up until this point I have been ignoring the issue. We really have not done to much canter work at all on account of his age save for just asking for the correct response to my canter cue. I think now is the time for us to buckle down though. Any suggestions for exercises that could help?
Trail Riding- I think this is mostly my beef. I think he would be a calm mount if I could be a calm rider. I have been avoiding trailing as I feel like I am just going to make a mess of it. I am thinking that I also need to buck up and start working with this as well. I have to have faith that even if my nervousness will make him nervous at first that we can work through it together. It might take longer than it would with a more confident rider but I think Bodhi and I are strong enough partners to work it out eventually. Baby steps.

I am having a riding lesson tomorrow for the first time in almost a month! That will knock me off my not so high horse so to speak! Hopefully Katie will also have some ideas on what to do about the lead.

I hope everyone gets in some nice rides this weekend!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Online entertainment

I am the type that just loves to multi task! I love to listen to a book on tape while I drive, or a recorded lecture from a class I have not taken while I work or clean (Berkley posts a good deal of courses online) I have found many online horse information sites and thought I would pass them along for those who also like to learn while you do mind numbing tasks like curate and catalog museum specimens!

Horse Radio Network
I have mentioned them before; They offer a short tip show daily, an all around entertaining show called stable scoop, as well as a show on the 2010 games, dressage, and eventing. They are free and a lot of fun if you ask me!

The Horse Show with Rick Lamb

You can subscribe for free and there are some great interviews on their no matter what your interests are. I am really enjoying this show and learning a good deal about a variety of different disciplines.

Horse Hero
Is free to join as well and has videos how to's from training to rider fitness to nutrition... it is a great resource. Also has rider and trainer video diaries.

These sites are my first three clicks when I am looking for online horse education and enrichment. Please tell me about your favorite sites!