Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bodhi's Sick

Bodhi is sick and it is not fair. He is only 10 and he probably won't be around for his next birthday in June. The vets have given him 3-6 months. He has equine multi-nodular pulmonary fibrosis.

I had so many plans, and I felt like I was finally getting there. We finally bought a farm, and Bodhi and I are living together for the first time. I was finally going to get back into riding. Into competing. Into at least growing as a horse person. I had always thought that Bodhi would be the pony my kids rode... if I have any. This is not fair at all.

Remember this post? I got that baby. His name is Grayson. I bought him thinking I had my solid rock to support me. Now I am going to be raising this crazy baby without Bodhi's support and influence. Definitely not part of the plan!!

Most of all though I can't imagine loving a horse as much as I love Bodhi or ever working so well with another horse. I have not even ridden another horse in about 5 years. He has always been my one and only.

I would like to start blogging again. I miss everyone's stories, and I definitely could use the support. I will give it a try. For Grayson.