Monday, April 11, 2016

Thank you

Thank you for the condolences on Bodhi. It means a lot especially because I have been gone from my blog for so long. I have really missed reading all of your blogs, and the introspection I got from keeping one of my own. With three new horses I have a lot of material. I don't think I want to write about other horses here. This blog feels like Bodhi's only. I am going to keep it up for now because I would like to come back and tell some of his stories I never got to.

 In the meantime I am writing in a new blog:

I plan on writing about our trial and tribulations at our brand new farmette (~ 5 acres). We are trying to fix it up, grow food, and keep three horses. All of it is brand new to us.  So far, I have been writing about my training sessions with our two new untrained horses - Grayson a yearling Lusitano cross and Oak an eight year old Haflinger gelding. Hopefully I will see some of you there and on your own blogs.

Thank you,
Molly - AKA Golden the Pony Girl

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  1. I'll see you on your other blog. I understand about keeping this one for Bodhi. He was very special.