Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On the road again

I visited Bodhi on Sunday and the message on the white board read

"horses being moved Feb 27th"

That is still all I have heard from the actual barn manager about the move next weekend.

So I have obviously been busy investigating.

I went to visit the stable where Bodhi is being moved next weekend. Let me paint you a picture. Brand new facility. 60 stall barn. Riding arena the size of the Titanic. The office area has leather sofa's and a fire place. The viewing area has a full kitchen. The bathrooms have hand towels.

The pastures Bodhi is being moved to have no drainage (remember the flooding?) and get this--- no water troughs. Period. I asked the woman working at the time how they are planning on watering the horses that will be in the paddocks and she said "we are buying troughs and we will truck in water". Oh and the horses boarded currently get 6 hours of turn out a day. Without water evidently. Oh geese.

So i went barn shopping.... again....

I looked at 4 new facilities. I picked the farm with the nicest pastures (my number one priority). It is farther than our current digs. It has an indoor. And goats.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Would this weird you out?

I wanted to get the opinion of the masses here.


Bodhi's current farm has flooded in the spring in the past. The manager/owner is predicting it will flood again. I get a call from another boarder for something unrelated and she mentions that the owner is planning on moving the horses the 28th of February to a new farm. You have not gotten a call or email about this (He does not like to call my cell because it is long distance but he has my email).
He is moving the horses to a farm much farther away then the current location. The board will not go up but you have to pay for tack storage and use of arenas (which is currently included in my board). I have never been to this farm so know nothing about the reputation or facilities. The manager currently under contract to care for Bodhi will not be in charge of his care, he will be forwarding my checks directly to this new facility who will be providing all the care.

I feel really funny about this--- Is this normal? What would you think?