Thursday, September 30, 2010

If wishes were horses...

*dadadadadadadadadada* *dream sequence* (Imagine that I was not in graduate school. Imagine I had a steady job, and I had consistent life.)

.....I would get another horse! Bodhi is of course my main ride. He is such a good boy and I love having him as my rock. I have always liked the combination of the challenge and the "home" horse. I now have made a real partner out of Bodhi. Within the safety and condifence of this relationship brings a strength and calm I would like to share with a new baby. So I would really love a new baby to train!

So I have always been intrigued by Arabian warmbloods Like this handsome fellow! He would be a ying to Bodhi's yang. :)

Or this handsome fella!

I have always wanted a welsh cob. or cross....

Ooof. Or how about this little guy? Go to the add and look at papa bear. Wow.

Mostly though when I think about my next horse I think about a horse like this:

(Paso Filly recently rescued by the Horse Protection Asociation of Florida)

I mean. I am truely lucky to have such an awesome horse like Bodhi. Should I really go for something that tops his athletisim so I can use my gained condfidence to reach higher levels? Or should I use the security of his rock-like personality to take on something truely chalenging. To take a horse that is broken and make it well again?
Heck at HPAF you can have both!
Wow look at all these nice horses...

In all seriousness though I think about this all the time. What will my next horse be? What challenge will I pick?


  1. Hehe I hope my next horse is the one I am gonna go look at hopefully this weekend. :3

  2. lol. I love looking at horse ads. Even though I am also a grad student (and have no time or money) and anyways have more rescue horses to play with than I have time at the moment anyways. It's always fun to dream about next horses.

    Love some of those HPAF horses in the link you posted. The first gelding on the page, Sherman, is gorgeous.

    Rescue horses make great projects. :)
    And there are quite a few horses in rescues who have been neglected (or otherwise fallen on hard times) but who haven't had abusive training.
    We get a lot of horses that are unhandled 2 and 3 year olds. And usually, once we get them friendly, the unhandled ones w/ zero previous training are a ton easier to work with than ones who have had bad training.

    Here are our 2 and 3 year olds, if you want to spend more time looking at horses. :)


  3. What a great, fun dream! Wish I could find the energy for two horses. I always feel like I'm selling my Appaloosa short.

  4. Sydney- Really??? Ooooh I can't wait to hear the details!

    Mary- I like Tilde! What a cutie! You are right a rescue is not always "broken", and if you have the experience then it is a great place to look if you want a project. I plan on trying to stick with rescues for my next baby I think!

    Carol- yeah I do not have anytime for my one horse right now either... sigh.

  5. Why you dont need a NEXT horse-- you simply need to take Granite and train him for me!
    Problems solved include but are not limited to:
    A) challenge for golden
    B) training for G man
    C) G escapes HOT northcarolina where he sweats in misery all summer and gets to go to camp in Canada.

    Everybody wins :)

  6. Tilde is a TOTAL sweetheart. :)
    I wish you had room for another horse. (And weren't halfway across the continent!)

    He got adopted out over the summer to a local trainer who we really like. However, the trainer has had some major medical-related setbacks and has had to seriously downsize his herd. So, everyone involved decided it would be best if Tilde came back to the rescue. :(

    Hopefully someone else will fall in love with him soon!

    There are a few cute weanling pictures of him from last fall here:


  7. Rachel- I could not agree more! lol send him on up! I would send him back after his visit with us though. He is your baby!

    Mary- those are the cutest babies ever! gosh I love them! I am sure someone will fall in love with him though who doesn't live in Canada and is not in graduate school. I can still day dream on the tread mill though can't I?

  8. I already have two and I still dream while looking at horse ads... It's just something we horse people do, I think. These horses are all adorable, and I think it would be a great move to put your horse training talents to good use for a rescue that needs another chance.

  9. This is something I've been wrestling with. Hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll have our own place in the next year and then I'll need to get another horse.

    I'm torn between getting something young that I can bring on nice and slow or something old that can just be a pasture puff.

    Fortunately I don't have to make this decision yet but it doesn't stop me from looking ;-)

  10. They are all sooooo cute,; how could you possibly choose? So, just get them ALL! (Yep, I am no hope at all -- sorry!) Then you could be like Silvia Zorbini and do at-liberty work with a whole herd. How cool would that be?!