Friday, March 26, 2010

Harder Faster Stronger

First 2 photos to go with Grey Horse Matters Spa Day. Bodhi was in the spirit of beautification and was given a wonderful mask by Pokey the TB.

Right now Pokey is offering buy one get one half way up your legs. Limited time only!

Yesterday we tried the trot under saddle. Just to see. Just because I am so bored with walking already. No good. I figure as long as he drags at the trot I should not try it under saddle as I don't want to habituate him to dragging his toe under saddle. I want that floating feeling back!

One of the boarders has been begging me to jump her pony Dusty for just about forever and I have been resisting ( I am not sure why). I haven't jumped over 2 feet in I don't know how long. Years. Maybe 5 years? Well I finally hopped on her pony and jumped up to 2'6. She begged me for 3 and I was feeling pretty good but I still declined. Maybe next time. Man can that pony jump. I thought my old jumper was point in shoot but this little guy is amazing. Just don't stop at the gate. He rears. So cute.

Anyways I want to re do my goals. This is more for my documentation then your entertainment I guess so bare with me.

Under Saddle
  • Softness on the bit
  • Lateral steps at the walk
  • corners
  • Duration of work on the bit
  • Bend
  • Transitions
  • Bitless work (if my bridle EVER comes in the mail!)
  • Bridless work

Clicker Work
  • Ground Tie- I have had a hard time figuring out how to shape standing as it is almost the absence of behavior. I read this post and now I am ready to give it a shot
  • Head lower on cue
  • Spanish walk- I have this idea that teaching Bodhi to pick up his feet high and teaching him to sustain it would be really perfect for shoulder rehab. Also I have been meaning to put picking up feet on a cue for a while now. He is always offering the behavior and I have just been lazy about it.
  • Generalize the back and the liberty work cue with the three D's (Distance Duration and Distraction)
Me Time
  • I want to ride more horses- There is Dusty, Pokey, and at Anna's there is Abby, Sneaker and her new pony. I have rides I am just being nervous and not utilizing them!
  • Jogging- I started with 1/2 mile. My first goal is to get up to 2 miles.
  • Yoga and Pilates- once a week or more to build those core muscles
  • Work on my riding position ( elastic arms, even seat bones, loose hips that move with the horse, neutral pelvis, siting on my inner thigh not my butt, toes in etc etc...)


  1. Hey Golden I am teaching Kinsey to stand too. She is pretty good, but I am working for a really good ground tie. I am doing as your link suggested. I reward her for standing. If she moves, I put her back in position and make the duration shorter, so she can succeed. This is basically like training a dog to stay. As a dog trainer I really respected used to say, spend most of your time training the first minute of a behavior like this. Spend a long time rewarding for a few seconds and very slowly build up to a minute. Once you get the behavior solid for a minute, they you can more quickly increase the duration. My cue is just a verbal "stand".

    Also I found a great book for exercise to improve the riders seat:

  2. Those sound like great goals. I so wish you lived here. Your personal goals are very similar to my own. I could use a jogging buddy. I did my yoga/pilates this morning at 5:30am... blahhh! I'll be doing 2.5 mile jog this evening.

    I am sooo jealous that you have riding options. I have like NONE now that B.A. is MIA. It sucks... a lot!

  3. yaaay goals! I love that you are taking this time and turning it into a positive experience! A great time to work on your riding without having to work on a horse as well. Totally heart pilates, it is a great exercise for riding. Plus, it is so great to find that inner peace at the end of each session. I would love to find someone who taught it on horseback!

  4. Wow Rachel 5:30? You make me feel really lazy :)
    I hope you get riding options soon! Come on down to FL anytime too if you want!

    Pilates are so much fun I agree. I am with you on wanting to take it on horseback. I have been watching Jane Savoie videos on you tube. I love her.

  5. I have candidates for Arlene's spa day too. LOL

  6. They sure can get dirty without trying can't they? Send them over.

    I like your goals and I think you're being sensible not to jump Dusty or anyone higher. If you don't feel comfortable with an exercise, wait until you do. I'm going to try yoga (starting today) I did try Pilates a while back but I think you can only do that if you're already in shape. It was really hard. Good luck with that though, I'm sure that being younger you're in much better shape than me.