Saturday, March 6, 2010

This is what weekends are for

Having a great time with Bodhi!
I borrowed a measuring tape and measured out a little course of jumps; two diagnals and two lines along the rail. the diagnals are 5 strides and the rail lines are six strides. I determined a stride length the other day by setting up ground poles and seeing where Bodhi is comfortable taking them. I determinded 9 feet. I know that normal horses are 12 but I guess Bodhi is not normal!

Much to my dissapointment Bodhi is still a hair off! He had been following me around while I set up the standards and I left all the jumps as ground poles. I decided to just play with him at liberty and call it a day for him. I wanted to see how long I could keep his interest in his pasture where his hay and buddies are.

We started by targeting at the trot. We did the whole course I just set up targeting and it was so much fun! Then I tried asking him to leave my shoulder and do a 20 meter circle around me which he did. Over ground poles with halts and change of directions. what a good pony!

Today I played with him again for a few minutes just to make sure yesterday was not a fluke. He did every thing he did yesterday plus offerd a canter. He NEVER wants to canter during ground work. He even did a flying change when he picked up the wrong lead.

I feel so in sinc with him right now. He walks, trots, canters, turns, halts, rein back, all while being very light. All at liberty. I guess that is the big thing for me. He is being so light and responsive which is what I have been working twards.

I guess sometimes it is a good thing when your horse can't do real work. You have no choice other than to spend some quality time with your equine.

I will definitely need to come back to this post when things get difficult again as they always do and naturally so. I can't wait to get back in the saddle!


  1. Ground poles are jumps - just without the height!

  2. Sounds like you and Bodhi had a great time. What a sweet boy. Hope you get to ride soon too.

  3. Just had to go back and catch up on your old posts to figure out when you noticed that Bodhi was off. I have to tell you that I am still so amazed by your liberty work with him.... I could never get Tucker to do that!