Sunday, March 14, 2010

The long road to wellville

Bodhi Says : "Hey guys! check it out. Tie is feeling better!"

Tie has been at Greener Pastures now since December 1st. He has had to battle many obstacles to his rehabilitation such as constant diarrhea, neurological symptoms(shaking, wobbling), fungus, worms, severely cracked feet, swollen legs etc. When he got here he would hardly move faster than a shuffled walk and he would just stand there with his head hanging down.

I am happy to report that all of that has gone away and he has finally been gaining weight! He gallops, bucks, rolls, and sleeps curled up in the sun. He kicked Bodhi HARD today. He escapes from his pasture and reeks havoc in the barn. In other words he is back to normal.
He still has a lot of weight to gain back.
Kathy is wonderful! She has taken care of him so well since he arrived on her farm. She stalls him when it is cold or rainy(he is on pasture board), gives him extra blankets if it is really cold, and feeds him 3 times a day! She is also graciously putting up with his antics now that he is feeling better.

I did not share pictures of him when I found him in such an alarming state because I did not think that it was necessary. To me they were a little gratuitous and depressing. I feel like now though in the context of his recovery process they are useful.

Here are some pictures of Tie the day I first saw he some needed help(Late November).

The black dots all over him are flies. I had never seen so many flies just sitting there on a horse.

Here is a picture of him in early February. We had only had him on probiotics for a few weeks and so he had just recently stopped having diarrhea.

Here are photos of him I took today(March 14)...


  1. How Wonderful! But how sad that he came to you that way.

  2. Wow, very good work. That is one lucky horse.

  3. He's looking much better - good work by all concerned!

  4. He is sure going to just get more and more handsome!

  5. Wow!

    He's looking great. And he looks very happy as well. He is so lucky to have found you!


  6. Thanks guys! I am really happy he is feeling better too.