Thursday, March 4, 2010

A funny video and a worried mother

Here is a video a fellow boarder captured of when Haflingers attack. She was trying to video tape her self riding when she realized she had made one fatal error. Leaving Bodhi in the pasture! (Note the slurping noise :) )

On to the bad news. Bodhi is off. I cannot tell if it is in his right shoulder or something more like a sore foot from our rocky trail ride on Sat. He has been like this though since Sunday. He is only slightly off and it has not gotten any worse but it makes me very worried regardless. This is his first time, and he is only 4! He has been so amazing with leads and I was setting my eyes on a hunter jumper show at the end of March. I hope he gets better soon. We have a lot of practice to do Bodhi!

We also lost our ride to the Parelli Play days which were going to be so fun. On a brighter side I may have found someone to take some well needed dressage lessons from. She is 2 hours away so that will be a field trip in its' self.
Here is a tiny video of Bodhi jumping. Yes the squealing in the background is me. All you jumpers out there, do you see it? That tiny speck of jumping potential?


  1. Whoops I had the same video twice! I fixed it. Make sure to have your sound up for the first one as the humor is in the audio. :)

  2. He has a nice little jump! On the soreness/lameness, feel around with your fingers in his back, neck and shoulder area, and if you find a muscle lump (spasm), massage it - it that's what it is it may help.

  3. Great jumping video!

    Hope the soreness goes away fast.


  4. Funny video. I love the slurping noises. My mare would have done the same thing. Everything within reach must be tasted and manipulated with those big lips.

    Hope Bodhi improves soon.

  5. Thanks guys! i will attempt a pony massage tomorrow!

  6. Video is hilarious. Apparently cameras are delicious? Now I am fully caught up. And yes the jumping is adorable. He is clearly meant to be a pony jumper!