Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time to pass the love around...

I received an award from gracious miss lopinon4! Check out her blog No hoof, No Horse? if you have not already.

So, with this award, I am to share 7 things about myself that are currently not known to my blog-readers, and then tag 15 fellow bloggers. Ok here goes it...

1. I have a bachelors degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. I am going to graduate school to study behavioral ecology and sociality in mammals.

2. I have done a bit of traveling in my short life. I have been to Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, England, St. Lucia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama and Canada in April. I spent the summer as a field assistant in Panama and Costa Rica studying singing mice in mountain cloud forests and it was the best thing that I have ever done (besides buying Bodhi of course!)

3. I was in a band for a while. I played bass and sang. We just played local bars and clubs but it was a lot of fun.

4. I hate escalators, umbrellas, static electricity and peanut butter.

5. I love to dye my hair. I have no idea what my natural color is since I have been dying it non stop since I was 13. It has been blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, orange, but mostly it is some shade of red. I liked forest green the best

6. I like to paint. I was an art major before I took up zoology. Oils and Oil pastels mostly. I do a lot of horse portraits (big surprise).

7. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half but we have been together for nine. We met in that band I told you about. He was the guitarist.

Whew... Ok now to name 15 blogs.

1. Between Golden Ears If you want see more adorable golden ponies go check out Mitch! They are trail riding partners in crime!

2. Dapple of my Eye I have really enjoyed reading her blog about her life and her amazing hunter horse prospect. Go check out miss Rachel and Granite if you have not already...

3. Dressage Pony. Amazing insight into the world of dressage with a beautiful pony mare.

4. Eye on the Horse Great product reviews for the horse and rider, and tons of humor and heartfelt posts about her lovely horses.

5. Tucker the Wunderkind The banner shows it all. Tucker is a rockstar. I enjoy reading about their journey together. What an amazing pair!

6. Barb Wire I love learning about the sport of endurance through the eyes of such a thoughtful and talented horse person.

7. Food, life Horses,! Whatever the topic I love to read about it!

8. Notes from the Rookery Her art is so beautiful and inspiring and so is her life. If faeries existed that is where they would live.

9. Grey Horse Matters thoughtful topics, humor, amazing pictures and great quotes. nuff said.

10. High Tech Horse She is new to blogging, but she has me already hooked. Maybe she can do a post about online awards now :)

11. Tekes Tally Ho! An amazing blog about an amazing breed and an amazing trainer. Thast a lot of amazing...

12. Confessions of a Struggling Dressage rider Honest, and humorous accounts about what it is like to be an adult amateur dressage rider.

13. Ethical Horsemanship A great blog discussing topics that are relevant for all horse enthusiasts!!

14. Me My Horses, Our Journey This is my friend Kathy. She is a good friend of mine and she takes great care of my horse. I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to check out her blog about her horse Satin and their new journey together!

15. Vegan Dad Just to throw you guys off I am putting my favorite food blog on here as well! Whether you are vegan, veggie. or omni I encourage you to try some of his recipes. They are so delicious!

Whew all done! Hope you guys pass it on down the line. It is fun to share the love in this strange but comforting little community we have here.

I try not to question it. I just enjoy the ride!


  1. Thanks for the nice comments and link to my blog. . .I love your cute wet Haflinger in your title! We see quite a few Haflingers at the events in our area, and I always look out for them. If I wasn't so tall I might ride one myself!
    Cheers, Jenny

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me when you passed out the award. I am honored. I will try to come up with some new things about me soon.

    You've led a really busy and wonderful life being as young as you are. It's fun to learn more about you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your are very multi talented! I love the portrait of Bodhi!

  4. Wildlife ecology - very cool! I've got to go check out the vegan blog right now!

  5. Im honored to be mentioned :) thanks so much! I love that you dye your hair so many colors. I have always wanted to go pink with black highlights...

  6. Thanks golden :) you rock.

    and i would pay a ridiculous amount of money to see eva with pink/black hair :)

  7. It was fun to read your 7 things. I used to try to have red hair, but red hair color fades so fast, I gave up. Never tried green though.