Thursday, February 18, 2010

Change is in the wind.

I just got an email from my future graduate adviser-- I am accepted to graduate school at the University of Manitoba. Big changes are on their way for both Bodhi and me.

I have been struggling with what to do with Bodhi if and now when I move to Canada and I think I have decided to take him with me(My three options are sell, lease, or bring).

I just can not imagine being able to function without him. I bought him as a project re sell but he really is one of a kind to me. I know EVERYONE says that but come on how many horses can you ride on a trail ride, do a dressage test, pop over some fences, ride bridleless and play soccer with? At the age of four? I really feel like I would regret selling him if I did.

Of course I have to think about him too which makes things more complicated. what is best for him? Would he be happier as someone else's horse? Is shipping him all the way to Canada selfish? I bet he will love the cold but that is a long haul.

I have contacted a barn very close to the university that would be interested in using him in a lesson program for money off board. This would be ideal as I am going to be busy and poor.

So in light of all these changes I want to set some goals to accomplish before we leave in June. Whether I lease him out, sell him, or bring him I want him to have as many experiences as possible to prepare him for this new era in his life along with equip him with valuable skills he will need for his new job.

2010 Golden Goals

March 27- HITS show- taken him in baby green, or just some flat classes

April 24- Canterbury Spring Fling Schooling Dressage- try for training level!

March 6, 20-Go to a Play day with the North Central Florida Parelli Play Group

In General

More trail rides!
Work on canter duration and over fences.

Bodhi I am so proud of you! You have come so far! Above are some of his early days learning the basics at the age of three!


  1. Congrats on grad school! Deciding what to do with your horse is a tough one. I vote for bringing him! :-) Most long distance haulers have cushy trucks and trailers, so he'd probably be ok.

    Also - kudos to you from moving from Florida to Manitoba! Yikes! I'm from Canada myself and I think Manitoba is colder than where I live! :-)

  2. I think bringing Bodhi with you would be a great experience for both you and him. Like Laura said, many of the transport trailers are super cushy, but do your research.

    A box stall is preferable to any other trailering arrangement, but you have costs to consider. Obviously the better the experience the more it will cost.

    The good news is Bodhi isn't a TB mare - he takes thing in stride and not much gets him rattled. Before he knows it he'll be feeling icey air flowing through his snowy white mane!

  3. Good on you for bringing him!

    If it helps, Mitch made the long trek from Ohio to California back in 2001 at the age of 2, and that's probably farther than Florida to Winnipeg.

  4. I think you would regret either selling or leasing him. He's too important to you and you love each other.

    Horses travel well, so there's no worry with that. My daughter took her horse Nate to Scotland with her when she was training with the BHS. They first trailered to the airport, got on a plane, got off in Germany, trailered, trailered through many countries, took a ferry across the English Channel etc... He had a blast there. And he was happier being with my daughter for months instead of stuck here with me. Go for it, you will be glad you did and he will be good company for you and probably a stress reliever when you need one.

    Good goals you've set too and congratulations on your acceptance.

  5. Congrats on grad school - that's great news! Do with you boy what feels right to you - it'll work out.

  6. Congrats on grad school!! I also vote for taking him. As a fellow grad student, I can definitely say that it gets crazy trying to juggle it all. However, the ponies keep us sane and I know you can def make it work!!

  7. WooHoo! Congrats!

    I didn't have a horse to bring to grad school with me but I lived across from the University of Guelph's equine science facilities and loved waking up to the sound of neighing and hooves on the ground. I think eva has a point that having him around will keep you sane. He's young, I doubt a few years of lighter work will hurt him, or his potential, in the long run. You'll make the decision that is right for both of you, I'm sure.

  8. Thanks guys! your stories about your experiences in grad school and of hauling horses have really comforted me. Now.... to find a transporter! :)

  9. Contratulations on acceptance to graduate school; that is great! I too hope you can keep Bodhi with you.

  10. I struggled with bring my horse with to vet school. As it turns out, It was one of the best decisions I made regarding vet school. I cannot imagine being in vet school without him. He is my break, my me-time, my stress relieve, my sanity. Take your horse, you won't regret it.