Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold and Wet

Thanks to the barn manager at Greener Pastures I have these neat photos of Bodhi soaking wet. She keeps a blog of the happenings of the farm which I think is a wonderful way to keep the boarders in the know!

It has been miserable here in Florida, cold and rainy. When do we get spring?


  1. Aaaaawww, poor ponies! Yes, I agree that the weather here in Florida has been completely nuts this year -- what the heck?!
    Oh, and I just wanted to ask if that's a turnout blanket on Bodhi because it looks like a stable blanket. If the blanket isn't waterproof and gets wet, it actually makes the horse much colder than he would be if he didn't have a blanket on.

  2. yep it is a stable blanket and it is soaked. It gets taken off for rain, but of course execution is not always perfect.(thanks for the concern of course, it is obviously NOT water proof!)

  3. It was miserably cold the day I shot these pics. I checked under everyone's blanket to see if they felt warm, wet, etc. Bodhi was a little damp, but super warm under his blanket (even at his back where is was most wet)! After the rain the blankets were pulled off, I let them dry their coats, and then dry back-up blankets were put on. :) Bodhi was like, "WHY am I wearing this?"

  4. Yep I think we put a blanket on him for our peace of mind he is a cold weather horse and has one of the thickest coats ever!