Friday, February 5, 2010

Golden Bloopers

Well I was on cloud 9 yesterday as I was trotting in the big geldings pasture with my head in the clouds the setting sun in my eyes and *blap* it happened--

my first fall off of my little darling pony!

In my defense I do not think the fall should count as a fall because he fell first dag nammit!

Yes that is right. My cute little golden pony did a face plant tripping on god knows what at the trot. Sometimes grace is not our strong suit. In his defense the pasture is really bumpy and stumpy.(though I saw no significant ground problems where WE landed!) I did a quick roll over his front as I have been crushed before so I don't like to hang around falling horses anymore.

We both sat there for a minute looking confused, Bodhi looked down right dumbfounded. I check my body, his body, tack etc and then climbed back on for a victory lap. I then called it a day. Sheesh

So what do you guys think? Should that count as my first fall? What's the verdict?

Isn't that cartoon funny? I found it on Dana's Doodles :)


  1. Whoops! We all have a fall now and then. I could've eaten aslphalt yesterday.

    Was riding down the driveway, Mitch hard something/saw something (I think it was a bird in a bush) and started trying to cavort. I stopped him, but then, he ducked his shoulder, and I ... riding bareback, went sideways, landed on my feet, and fell on my butt. Held on to the reins. The way I figure it, these are good training sessions at teaching Mitch to stay with me if we ever part company out on the trail.

    Nothing's hurt or broken though. Thank goodness! Hopeed back on and walked around a little more.

    I'm sooo ready for my saddle to get here. Riding a golden pony bareback is tough when they're so round. Thank goodnes they're close to the ground though.

  2. Haha they are super round, which is great Kush but hard to grip! The haflinger that influenced my decision to buy one myself actually bucked me off when I jumped on her bareback in a field. She was only 4 of course and I was 16.. the stupidity of youth!

    I was lucky yesterday- by the time I abandoned ship I only had a few inches to fall. Poor little man had a grass stain on his pretty white blaze.

    Your fall doesn't sound like it should count as a real fall either. You were just practicing ;)

  3. If your horse hits the dirt first, what you're doing is offering emotional support.


  4. haha. i hope you don't mind me laughing at your misfortune but you tell it so well. Looks like you took it all in stride (or not...hehe).

  5. It's ok you can laugh! I never thought that my first time eating dirt on this horse would be so... well silly! Enjoy a good Friday chuckle at our expense.

    Breathe- thanks that is exactly what I was doing. So that is one vote for it not officially counting. Any other voters?

  6. It's pretty hard to stay on in those circumstances - in fact you probably don't want to for safety reasons! Hope you and the boy are not too sore!

  7. Oh no! Well, the ground at my barn is the consistency of asphalt, which gives one extra incentive to not fling oneself onto it from great heights.
    Hhhhmmm, well you technically ate dirt...but, your horse fell first. That's a tough call!

  8. AWESOMENESS! My first tumble on my first horse was like that, but we were in VERY deep snow. It had to be pretty cool to watch!

  9. Haha, that's priceless. I don't think it officially counts. Bodhi got you halfway to the ground after all. You could count it as 0.5 of a fall....

  10. My first (and only so far) fall off of my horse was pretty ridiculous too. It was his day off, so I had turned him out in the arena for a bit. He was feeling REALLY good, running around, bucking, farting and squealing when a friend of mine showed up. So I decided to show off by getting on him bareback, with just a lead rope around his neck, and no helmet (seriously, what on earth was I thinking?). He walked and trotted for me like a perfect horse, but when I asked him to canter, he did a few crowhops and TOOK OFF across the arena. I stayed on, and pretty much in place for the bucks and the straight away, but the turn? Not a chance. Not only was it pretty spectacular and completely my fault (what on earth was I thinking?) but there were MULTIPLE witnesses.

    Anyway, I vote that it counts. Everyone falls off their horse sooner or later, so now that you have it out of the way, you're in the clear!