Friday, March 19, 2010

What did you get into this time?

I just wanted to let you guys know that all of your comments on my last post made me feel so much better! Wow thanks. They were helpful, and thoughtful, and positive and supportive. The opposite of one comment I got at the barn on Wednesday...
Boarder: "So what did the vet say about Bodhi?"

Me: "She said it was either a bad tweak or possibly EPM"

Boarder: "EPM! That's horrible! He will be stuck being a walk lesson pony forever now!"

In all seriousness I know she meant well but she almost gave me a panic attack!

Wednesday was our first Rehab session, and when I went out to get him I noticed something else horribly wrong. There was this smell, a horrible, putrid and sweet aroma wafting from my equine...

Bodhi had been skunked!

I wish I could say this was the first time....

It was cold and rainy so no bath. I did not want to get any of my brushes stinky. I was determined to start our rehab so I put a towel over him and rode him bareback. Once on board I forgot all about the smell though. I was so happy to be riding again. Even if it is only for ten minutes at the walk only. I got off after ten minutes and played with him at liberty. He was happy and willing for all of it.
The rehab is going to make me feel so much better about this situation. It is something tangible I can do to help. Am I still flipping out? Yes, but I am trying not to. I am trying to just focus on today when I start day two of rehab on my very.stinky.pony.


  1. You are more dedicated that I. I don't think I could ride a skunked horse. We have a skunk around here, I have smelled but not seen. He has not gotten my horses though.

  2. Now THAT is love.... Hope it warms up so you can clean him! Try dishwashing liquid -- really works!

  3. EWWWWW, Pepe Le Pew of Ponies (oh many, did I just use that many 'p's in a row? HA!

    You win an Honest Scrap award. See blog, yes?

  4. Oh no, not skunked! Poor guy. He is such a handsome pony. I am sorry to hear about the problems he is having. That boarder wasn't thinking, it was insensitive to say that to you! :( Tie looks great, what a wonderful job you have done with him. So sad, how thin he got. It breaks my heart!

  5. Happy to report that the smell has pretty much dissipated naturally. A lot of rain will do that. I am supposed to get the test results this week sometime. Fingers crossed!
    Thanks Pony Girl! Tie looks better everyday it seems like!