Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As in EPM Test negative!

I am so relieved. We still have a long road of rehab to go but our future is much more certain. I am still afraid that he won't heal up correctly but my fears are probably unfounded. So here's to a slow but complete recovery for Bohdzilla!
Rehab so far has gone like this...
Weds-Walk 10 mins
Friday-Walk 15 mins
Sat- Walk around the barn with lots of breaks 20 mins
Mon-work on the lunge at the walk and trot (me walking with him so the circles were giant!) 10 min
Thurs walk work (tried a trot not ready for it)
Sat 15 min lunge, 15 mins ride some clicker work. (He looked great!)
Sun(10 mins of riding only)

So far he has been really good. I am never sure if I am challenging him enough or pushing him too far. He has been 100% willing to do all of it and never seems very taxed. I guess it will take a while to find where the sweet spot is.

So obviously no more show season for us so I guess I should change our goals a bit. I want to work on...
Golden Goals
  • Being lighter on the bit.
  • Having more impulsion in upward transitions
  • More responsive to all aids
  • Working off my body and not my hands for turns and downward transitions- working towards bridleless
  • Work on softness in the bitless bridle
  • Work on lateral work on the ground
  • Perfecting Liberty work

I need to work on
  • giving very precise cues
  • my delivery of both - and + reinforcement
  • Being limber and loose (especially by lower back and hips)
  • Core muscles
  • Cardiovascular

So if you were forced back to square one what would YOU work on?


  1. OH that is SUCH good news!!

  2. Good news! Dawn and I are working on a lot of "restart" issues like yours, although getting more impulsion isn't on the agenda for Dawn - she's got more than enough of that already!

  3. I'm very glad you received a negative EPM.

  4. GREAT NEWS!!!

    Yep, I AM at square 1... it sucks.

  5. OMG I have been out of the loop for a week but soooooooo (with lots of !) glad to hear that it was negative. That is a very scary thing to think about. I am so happy for you and Bodhi!

  6. I'm glad to hear that the test was negative. I think that starting from square one is a good rehab beginning. He will come back, you'd be surprised at how quickly they heal. He's young so it should go well. I would do what you're doing, lots of walking and then when he's ready a little trotting thrown in. Ask the vet what she recommends.For example, should you only do a few minutes once a day or a few times a day? I think you will know by how he acts and feels what is right for him. Good luck with his recovery.

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  8. So, so sweet! Well, not the skunk part, lol. I enjoyed your last pooch post too, what a cutie!

  9. Great news!

    Personally, I think I live in square one. I can never string enough training days together to move on.

    Someday. Someday.

  10. There is an award for you at my blog. You needn’t play if you’ve already received this. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate your blog and have linked to it at: http://onceuponanequine.blogspot.com/2010/03/beautiful-award.html.