Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy Busy!

I have been so busy getting ready for my trip to Manitoba. I am so excited to tour some barns up there and talk to some folks about boarding. I am also super excited about seeing my future campus for my masters studies of course. I hope everyone has a great week and wish me luck!

Here is a great video from Alexandra Kurland.

It is a good introduction on the Clicker training movement for anyone still confused about what clicker training is all about. It showcases all the uses of clicker training ranging from tricks to manners, to ground work under saddle work and even guide work. Yes pony guide for the blind! That is the perfect example of the power of positive reinforcement. I would like to see the popular horse trainers out there train a successful guide horse.

Oh and I stumbled on the fish version of my wonderful pony today at work!
The Genus Bodianus of course! I guess scientists did not know Bodhi is spelled with a "P"
I forgive them.

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  1. Good luck and have a great time in Canada. Thanks for the video I'm considering this for Donnie.