Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby photos

Bodhi is almost 5 years old. Who could believe it! It seems like only yesterday he was hopping of the trailer as a big headed, apple bottomed 2 year old.

I am on my husbands computer and looking through the photos he has taken of Bodhi and I. Here are some pictures I found as Bodhi as a 2 and 3 year old.

Here is the kid a few days after I got him. Look at that shiny new halter...

At least he has grown into his head (a little bit!)

Look at that butt! It was the same size then as it is now. He was 13 hands back then!

As a three year old... Getting better!

Halter is not so shiny anymore...

He still has a big butt...

Here is what we did a lot of when he was too young to ride or really work on the lunge for any significant amount of time... we played soccer, went on walks, wore tack etc. I was so hungry to spend time with him and he was such a fun baby to be around. Here he is wearing his tack and learning to kick his ball

What a good boy.


  1. so so so so cute golden!

    I wrote to tell you how sorry I was to hear about Tie but blogger wouldn't let me post! I tried 3 different times at 3 diff times. But, I am so sorry to hear about it. You have him a great last few months.

  2. Thanks Rachel-- He was also a good boy. He will be missed. I feel weird not having the old man around anymore!

  3. Baby Bodhi is priceless! It must be so nice to have had him from such a young age.

  4. That video is adorable!!!! Baby horses are the best :) He was (IS) such a cutie pie!

  5. He was and still is a cutie!

  6. yay for baby Bodhi photos!! I LOVE his apple-bottom. He is super cute and he has grown into such a lovely horse!

    ps also loving the new pic on the top of your blog. It looks so pretty! sure you want to move lol?

  7. Bodhi is gorgeous (including his butt!)

  8. How did you teach him to kick a ball!?!? So cute!

  9. Eva-Yes I am really going to miss Florida. I love trees and I am moving to a prairie town.

    Marissa-I waited for him to touch the ball with his foot and reinforced that and then shaped the behavior until he learned to kick it. He squashed several of the balls before this video :)