Sunday, May 2, 2010

Emotion police? Let's just have fun!

So I have had a great weekend so far....
On Monday we walked around the barn. He balked at everything! I have noticed lately Bodhi has been "up". I know I know people who own thoroughbreds are laughing about how I don't know the meaning of the word. Yeah I know I am spoiled.
Any who-- Bodhi the "bomb proof" 4 year old has been acting more like a regular 4 year old. The barn isle is scary. So is the tarp and the trailer (both we have "worked with" already)! I think hmmm.
Half of me wants to be frustrated. We have gone OVER these things you silly pony! You should focus on your work not these distractions dag nammit!

Luckily this time the other half of me has won over and instead of getting mad ( well not too mad anyways) I am trying to shrug it off.

Maybe it is a sign of spring grass. Maybe it is the "fricken fives" that are rapidly approaching. Maybe it is a sign that his shoulder is feeling better? Who Knows. What I do know is on the bit dressage work is boring me at this level we must keep it to for his rehab. I think he may feel the same way. So maybe it is time to change gears and do more bitless fun work. Rehab means no more dressage shows before we move. Let's just have fun!

So Thursday we took a walk. In a halter and lead rope and some goodies to work on targeting off the farm. We walked down the road and worked on his head down cue. I think we both enjoyed it. He was "up" but what do I care? That was my mantra. Why do I care if he is excited? I am not the emotion police! As long as he minded there was no problem--and there wasn't

Friday we played in the ring. No side reins, no bit, no lunge line. I set up ground poles in series of threes at varying strides. He was happy to pop over them with scope that surprised me. I hopped on him bare back with a lead rope tied around his neck (OS handle) and set out to work on walk halt transitions through the seat. We ended up doing walk to trot and trot to halt transitions! We also did ground poles and serpentines all the way up and down the arena bridleless. I was floored! Who was this and what did you do with my distracted bored pony?

Yesterday we had a bonfire so I just went out to say hello with Stella dog in toe. Bodhi, Stella and I trotted the perimeter of the fence line. Bodhi was free of course but he still followed us around the 4 acres! Trotting when we did and stopping when we stopped. I sat in the grass while he grazed. He played tug of war with stella via a large stick. I am very sorry I did not have a camera.

These are the spring days that I will remember always. With fields of wild flowers and golden ponies and speckled dogs to frolic with. Who knew I would be 25 and still be frolicking?


  1. sounds like a fantastic weekend. I think taking a step back really put you a step ahead :)

  2. It's nice that he's feeling well enough to play around a bit!

  3. Sounds perfect! I did the same thing on Sunday, we just goofed off. Now, I am not brave enough for bareback just yet...although maybe soon :P

  4. Glad you checked my blog when I had the golden pony shots. Your horse is beautiful!

  5. Hi. I thought I would come over here to make sure you read the comment. I will be doing a post soon on the types of bitless I have and have tried. Probably when I get back from Ireland.

    I ride/train/drive/sell nurtural bitless bridles I helped them develop the circle X. My blog search seems to be buggered up since I made the switch to a .com

    I have ridden in nearly every bitless under the sun. dr.cooks, amish cross under, mechanical hackamores, sidepulls, bosals, halters etc. I do not support mechanical hackamores. I support bitless bridles that work under the principal of understanding, not pain. If a rope halter works for you I would go with it but like I pointed out in the comments on my blog I needed something that gave me the same finesse and precision that a bit would, without the pain. That is why I stuck with a nurtural bridle. Plus Zoe and Gerry are awesome people to deal with.

  6. sounds great! Looks like they are from Canada so maybe I can pick one up in Canada locally when I move! I am with you-- I do not like mechanical hackamores either. I just want a bridle a bit more specific then a halter though I enjoy the challenge of getting the softness with one.