Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Golden days of early summer

Are here... I am frantically packing and trying to sell and give away most of my belongings before we move to Canada at the end of June. It is quickly approaching. I stare at the lush green tree line trying to memorize the Florida landscape. I do love trees!
I have not really been working Bodhi so much as playing with him. A little canter here, a little jump there. Lots of grazing and we both sputter out of our motivation rather quickly. What are we trying to accomplish again? Oh that's right rehabilitation. I figure playing around with ground ples obsticles, transitions, and lateral work is the best thing. Only time will heal. Only time will tell when he is 100%. I think he is hovering around 95%. right now.

Look At the good boy reaching under. The look of concentration is also priceless.

Here I set up a combination of a small jump he had a canter up to and trot away from--for ground poles.

I don't know why my pony has developed a jump. This is proof. He is no longer flailing over things any more. He jumps. :)

Click and treat!

We practiced more bridleless riding. I know it looks like I have reins but the reins are actually atatched to the halter and than cliped around his neck. I messed around with it today. You can not apply halter pressure this way but I felt better having the "rein" if I wanted it. All in my head I know but isin't all of our "controls" for horses. I should be wearing a helmet. I suck.

So this is what I am up. to Fooling around. How but you guys? Are you having fun with your horses?


  1. You're in G-ville, right? Hysterical! Me too! If you weren't moving I'd say we should ride together.

    Are you planning on staying in Canadaland? I wish I would have found your blog months ago!

  2. Love the photos! Your boy is so cute! I can't believe your moving... although, its just more adventures about which for me to read.

    I'm working... all the time. Granite has officially been in training for 30 days and Momma still hasn't gotten to ride him :( bOOO. But, I see trail riding in our future this summer and maybe a local schooling show by fall :)

  3. I would love to be able to do that with my girl!

    Can I ask how you started him free jumping? Did you use a target?

  4. B- Really! How weird! It would be awesome to go riding! Do you board or have your own land? I still have a month left..

    Rachel- You must be so excited that Granite is almost ready for the trail! Big moment for you two!
    Smazourek- I used a target to teach him to walk and the trot beside me at arms length. I added a ground pole and CR for trotting over. I then slowly added more ground poles and started turning them into jumps. I started to only CR when he did not hit the poles. He is very lazy with his feet :) Now I guess the pole or jump itself is a cue. He will see one and trot over it sometimes and turn around and look-- Was that it?

  5. Okay you don't suck! All riding is a calculated risk. Wearing a helmet is a really good idea but hundreds of us grew up without helmets and helmets that actually did nothing.

    A love this little quote I got from a recent driving event I went to. "You don't stop a horse with his mouth, you stop him with his mind."

    Bodhi looks really nice. Ya know if you don't want to take him all the way up to Canada you can drop him off in WI for a few years. :)

  6. That sounds like a great training strategy. Mind if I borrow it?

  7. Beth- exactly! I use bridless riding to measure how well Bodhi understands my cues. It is always a choice for him whether he follows my lead or does his own thing.

    Oh and and thanks smazourek! Course :)

  8. Good luck with your move! How exciting! I'm pretty sure if I would set up anything and try to teach Denali to follow me she'd be at the other end of the arena, and paying no attention to me.

    My pony, my pony is broken, broken, broken. Boo!

  9. Bodhi looks great. I love his rehabilitation exercises they are such a wonderful way to get him back to 100%. Although, I'd say he looks pretty good from his pictures, I guess you'll know when he's where you want him to be.

    Have a wonderful stress free move. Hope it all goes smoothly.