Friday, July 31, 2009

Slowly getting back into gear...

Got to work with the horses finally on Wednesday after a crazy weekend and car trouble on Monday

Worked with Dancer for the first time in the roundpen. I did an evaluation of her cues, her sensitivity to pressure and her hang ups. Synopsis: Very responsive and eager to please. She stayed relatively calm through the work though she is very easily distracted. As with most horses she is most sticky in the the forehand/shoulder though was willing to do a few changes of direction through the shoulder so I was impressed with that. Got a little resistant with backing so I got to see her obstinate side as well. I think it is going to be a good learning experience to work with her as she is very different from Bodhi. They will compliment each other well and will hopefully round me out as a trainer. One thing however; I really can not explain it but mares *feel* strange to me. Almost alien. Almost empty and without personality. I guess it is because I can not read them as I can geldings. I never knew there was such a large difference before but truthfully I have never really worked with them much. I am hoping to crack the code so to speak with Dancer. She seems like a nice horse.

Bodhi is doing well too. We also did ground work only with side reins working on lengthing and shortening at the trot. He really started to get under himself and push with his hind end. After that I got on and did stetching exersises at the walk while practicing a few turn on the forehand and halts using my seat only to keep the cool-out interesting. He stayed very relaxed and seemed to get that the undersaddle work was a reward for the great in hand work. I like it when they agree to have a nice relaxed walk about. Sometimes youngsters miss the point! :)

All and all a nice communication day with the horses.


  1. Nice that you had a good work with both of them! For me, it's the opposite - I find it easier to "find" mares - they more easily speak to me. Sometimes I have more trouble with geldings. Mares, though, can be somewhat reserved until they decide they want to be more open with you.

  2. Yeah "find" is a good word for it. I feel disconnected. Hopefully this will change as I get to know one a little bit :)

  3. It sounds like you had two good sessions working the horses.
    I've had mostly geldings over the years and know what you are saying about mares. But since I've come to know my mare Dusty I've found that mares take a while longer to trust you and show their personality. Dusty is a riot and has the most personality of any horse I've ever met. Just last night she flung her stall door shut when something was annoying her. She makes me laugh. Once you get into your mares good graces I'm sure you'll have some fun times with her. And don't tell my geldings but I happen to think mares are a little smarter too.

  4. I have heard that about intelligence and mares so many times it must be true! I mean look at humans right? :) I think I have seen your horse Dusty on your blog-the palomino correct? She looks like a lot of fun and maybe some mischief too? Thanks for the comment. It is good to know I am not alone in finding mares a mystery.