Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great News!

Well so far this week has been rather eventful and my show is not even until Saturday!

First the most important thing... my email to Horse Radio Tip of the day show was read on episode 10! By the way I recommend the horse radio to any of the horse enthusiasts out there. It is brand new so still getting momentum but they have a dressage show, and eventing show, and a show called Stable Scoop that is all around horsey and fun. I enjoy all of the shows and you can download them onto your mp3 player (which is what I do).

On a secondary note I got to have a meeting with my future adviser about my graduate project. Items of conversation included plugging your cars in to keep them warm, something called "block heaters", Polar Bear groupies, and Polar Bear Prison. I think I may be a little over my head here taking on a project with Polar Bears in Canada as a Floridian who has not studied anything larger than rodents, but I think I am up for the challenge.

Something more terrifying then Polar Bears? Local schooling shows of course! Now I am looking towards Bodhi and I's first show. I am nervous as hell and getting more nervous by the minute. Showing used to not phase me so this reaction in myself is kind of throwing me for a loop. Bodhi and I had a horrible tense ride on Monday all because of my nerves. I am hoping to improve it today.

Any tips for finding my zen and focusing a looky pony come show time?

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