Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Want My Pony!!!

My 100th post and in Canada!

All is well. We have made our journey from Florida to Manitoba with the two cats, husband, and dog. It was actually pretty painless and kinda fun to see the country. I enjoy car trips.

We are now living at Meadow Green Stables in the guest bedroom of the Barn Manager's house waiting on our house to be vacated. We are content here and I am just trying to stay out of the way and lend a hand with the barn as much as I can as thanks. I am so grateful that she took us in!

My dog is in heaven. She has already made friends with the other dogs in residence and is enjoying the space and new smells. The cats on the other hand are wondering why in the heck they are in this strange house with strange people and even stranger animals.

Bodhi's departure has been changed to next week, and they don't even know when he will get to Winnipeg. I am miserable! I just want my horse safe and sound at his new farm. Why all the delays? I hate transporting horses. I am going to try and train Bodhi to teleport when he finally gets here so we don't have to deal with this again in a few years.

I missssssss myyyyyyyyy ponnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyy!


  1. Goal: "Train Bodhi to teleport."

    Known Fact: "You can train any behavior with clicker training."

    Conclusion: "Looks like Bodhi gets to learn to teleport!"


  2. I LOVE road trips. Glad you made it safe and sound! Bodhi will be there in no time. You'll see. Enjoy Winnipeg!

  3. Ugh, I've been where you are. The quarters came up from Florida and it was awful worrying about them the whole way.

    This will probably be one of the longest weeks of your life, hang in there. Good luck teaching him to teleport. Let me know how that goes ;)

  4. You poor thing you ! I hope you get your pony back soon !!! (hurry you people)

  5. Aww {{{hugs}}} At least you have this blog you can look at lots of pictures of your boy. I think I would be a nervous wreck waiting for a horse to ship that far. He'll be with you soon though!

  6. Hope your boy makes the trip safely and soon!

  7. Bodhi needs to talk to Doc & Pippin. Blog readers think my guys have learned to teleport between stalls!(
    I hope he gets there soon!

  8. Hope your little man arrives safe and sound (and soon-Soon-SOON). I'm sure both of you are probably suffering from separation anxiety - I know I would be (glad to hear you didn't have any travel challenges on your trip. Hang in there! :o)

  9. Aw, poor you and poor Bodhi, it must be agony being away from him! Glad you arrived safely though, and it sounds like the new digs are great. Bodhi will be there before you know it!