Thursday, November 12, 2009


I ended up calling the mom/land owner. She reacted well, and came down today to meet with the vet and farrier. Now everyone is up to date on feet, wormer and shots! Relief! She said one of the horses feet had giant splits and were curling up! As for the old guy- his vitals look good, and his activity level is good. They drew blood but the vet thinks that he looks good for an old guy and just really needs more food.
This is great news, though a little bitter sweet. It would have made me less angry if there was something wrong with his teeth or internal workings to make him lose all that weight. It really is that he is just not currently recieveing the correct amount of feed and care. I talked with the mom about some posibulities about getting the horses out of there in to new homes. She is on board but will not do it without her daughter's consent. Her daughter and her are on rocky terms and she is afraid it will make things worse (understandable) I am going to try and talk to the daughter about it. I really hope that she is receptive as this will be hanging over my head as Canada looms ahead of me. I would really like to have this all settled.
If she is not receptive the mom talked about hiring people to come and feed the horses. She has already set up the vet to just automaticly come out and do the horses. This is great too, though it seems like a lot of work. At the end of the day it is their decision as a family, I just hope that the horses best interests are condsidered and not just family drama.

This is another great example of moral delama's and end of life horse care. It can really get tricky!

Shew this has been one stressful week! I am looking forward though to my riding lesson on Saturday and the tack sale we are having at the barn.


  1. I had a dream that I told you to go ahead and take the old man and bring him to GP and we'd get him back to a healthy weight again.

    Now that I'm actually awake I see how this might not be the ideal solution. Changing his environment at this point in his life might be too stressful. And the cost of his care would likely fall on you, even if I could offer to pay his board. And you would also have to get consent from you-know-who.

    But, the dream-offer still stands. Whatever I can do to help ease his suffering and yours, I'm here!

  2. Aww thanks Kathy! I will brain storm more with you later, but I was thinking about the fact that a move might do him in so to speak at this point, but it may be our only option. I am going to talk to the neighbors who have horses about possibly taking him, at least he could walk there! As for Gus, and Peludo, they will need homes too. As for you know who, she is actually on board with the idea, so that is a relief, now I just have to execute it :)