Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mugwump Chronicles

I submitted a horse story to the Mugwump Chronicles which was posted yesterday. If you guys are interested you can find it here.
I would highly recommend the blog to read in general though. She is a great horsewoman with some amazing and unique prospectives on training and horse life in general. Also an amazing writer.She also shares letter from her readers on Mondays. A must read blog to be sure-

Have a great Holiday!


  1. I came here via Mugwump and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story on Velour. Beautiful tale and such appropriate timing as well. So you are located in Ocala? My family is there as well!

  2. Michelle-Outside of Ocala, actually in Gainesville. Thanks for the visit, and I am glad you enjoyed my story!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story about Velour. It was a real stand out. It's just wonderful that you were able to give him just what he needed at the end of his life. It was a treat to read.

  4. Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it horseartist Thanks for visiting!