Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haircuts and scatter brains

I have not been writing lately because I am feeling a little scattered. I am having a hard time finishing a thought let alone a sentence. So I will just keep it simple today and give an update on Bodhi.

Bodhi has been doing awesome. We had a lesson on Saturday and my instructor was impressed in how much Bodhi had improved since she last saw him ( about a month and a half). She said he was really starting to develop suspension at the trot-very floaty. We also showed her how we can jump now and she was just as surprised and impressed as I was. I can not really explain how excited I am to have a jumping Haflinger. I love my pony and but I had already accepted that we would be flightless. Now the idea of going fox hunting and going to hunter paces is back and I am excited about the possibulities.

She gave a me my list of things to work on filled with the usual suspects of working on changing of bends, keep my elbows back and bent and stop throwing him away at the canter depart. She also gave me a few exercises to work on the flying lead changes. Before the lesson I felt a little wild when I asked for the change like I was looking for the combination of aides that would illicit it but there was really no rhyme or reason to my actions. She wants me to focus on just changing the bend and that should be enough. I think this weekend I am going to work on some more canter transition work, and possibly challenge Bodhi with some jump variety and maybe even raise the height a little. He can do it I am sure but I am a big baby!
Bodhi also got a hair cut. The B.M. gave him a trace clip as he was getting so sweaty during rides. She did a great job! I am debating right now whether to pull or roach Bodhi's mane. It is a mess and he keeps ripping it out! Poor itchy man. I feel so bad for him as he itches and scratches away big patches of hair and skin with his bug allergies but have found no real solution for the problem. If it would just stay cold then he would have some relief but alas we live in Florida!


  1. Glad to hear from you - and sounds like you and your boy are doing very well!

  2. You and Bodhi make a good team. He's so adorable, I'll bet he likes jumping as much as you do. I might roach or pull his mane to go along with his new trace clip. I think he would look and feel great with less mane, especially if the bugs are bothering him. Good luck with all the training.

  3. We roached a few halfinger's manes, the owner had a few cows. It was due to a really nasty year of fungus. They literally itched their mains out.

    To help grow back we used MTG. It smells horrible (like bacon grease) but it does the trick.

  4. Yes I love MTG though it does smell bad and it also attracts dirt!

  5. Good luck with solving the bug problem! I've been dealing with that for years now and have yet to find a solution. MTG is great for keeping her skin healthy, but I haven't had much luck with it inciting new hair growth...