Friday, June 26, 2009

Vertically Challenged

Bodhi Has been improving with keeping a bend and not falling into the inside. Probably as I am doing better about not dropping my outside rein. It is amazing that he so green yet most of our problems can be solved with a change in my equitation. Like he is just waiting for me to get with the program! Like when I don't have my elbows bent he just fusses and fusses and then the light bulb goes on in my head and I fix it and he just drops into the bit and drives forward from behind. I can just hear him say "finally idiot! I was wondering when you were going to fix that" Sometimes I wonder who is training who.
Jumping is another story. Poor Bodhi. He just doesn't get it. I have never trained a horse to jump that is so naturally ungifted before. He either falls over it or runs through it. This is the first time since I got him that I miss owning a big Thoroughbred. Yesterday I schooled him over this little oxer (I mean baby tiny). He was doing better and relaxing his back so I gave him alot of rein and the little booger tried to refuse! I of course went into hunter training mode and schooled him over the fence several more times, but it broke my heart to feel him bouncing against my legs wanting to evade. How can he be sooo bad and sooo unwilling. I stopped him after a bit and realized how much he was blowing. He was completely spent. I felt horrible. No wonder he had started to try and refuse I was over working him. What would have been super easy task for a big Thoroughbred is really hard for my little haflinger. I should not have pushed him so hard. I need to sit back and figure out a new strategy to get him more confident over fences while challenging him enough that he takes an interest. I need to possibly take some over fences lessons my self.

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  1. That photo's lovely! :)

    lol I had a lesson a couple of months ago (can't afford them at the moment... student...) and I was all hasn't he improved?? My instructor said no, it was me that had improved. :P
    It's like when you go to big dressage events and they have 4 year old classes, and you see them all with amazing self carriage, etc and you've been saying that your pony's just inexperienced for a few years now. haha