Monday, June 22, 2009

This weekend was full of equine eventfulness...
First off-
Went to look at the Haflinger Mare Sasha. I was very impressed with the sellers farm, horses and ethics. It is always nice to meet a horse owner with simular morals to your own. She has Sasha because she was a previous rescue of her's whom she placed in a home once already. She took Sasha back when the man she adopted out to lost his job. She informed me that she always does that for any of the horses she rescues or breeds. Good for her!
Sasha on the other hand was not what I expected. She was way more stocky/drafty then I thought from the pictures and her movement and conformation was not what I was looking for in a new sport pony prospect. I am starting to think I really lucked out with Bodhi as I have not met a haflinger I like more (biased I know!!)
I really wish I could still help find Sasha a home though. She was super sweet and intelligent and would make a good kids horse or novice trail mount with training of course. I hope to network around to help find her a good home. She deserves it and so does who wonderful rescuer.
Second off-
I then went to visit a new Barn for Bodhi.
Since there has been some strangeness at Bodhi's current home I started shopping around for a new boarding location and found an excellent one! It is much closer to where I live (5 miles opposed to 16) has many more amenities and is run by a friend of a friend who has a great reputation. I am very excited. When I visited it I loved it even more. Lots of pasture, lots of shade and a great atmosphere. All it is missing is one mischievous haflinger


  1. The new place to board sounds great! Nice that you want to help Sasha find a home - good luck with that!

  2. Thanks for the support. I am new to the blog world. Was hoping to keep mine to manage my thoughts and get some feedback from other horse riders. I am glad that is already happening!

    Good luck with the healing process that is one heck of a bruise!