Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Show Name for the Bodhster

Behind the Bit inspired me to think about what I am going to show Bodhi as. I need to decide soon as our first ever dressage schooling show will be July 18th! (yes I am having a panic attack)
Something cute? Something serious?
First off since he is not registered is it acceptable to show him as anything other than his regular barn name? I have always just *picked* a show name for unregistered horses but maybe that is tacky or not appropriate?
I was going to use as Golden the Pony Boy as a reference to the movie the Science of Sleep though Behind the Bit's post on show names made me think twice.

My Ideas so far..

Gold Crest
or just plain Bodhi

Thoughts? Ideas? Advise?

Pleas any ideas would be great. I want something simple.


  1. For such a cute face I would not do something too serious


  2. Or Goldelicious! IMO, show names can be whatever you want.