Friday, January 14, 2011

Would you lease this pony?

Horse for Lease this Summer/Fall

Graduate student studying abroad for the summer and looking for a compatible rider for a 6 year old, 14.2 hand Haflinger gelding. Bodhi has been trained using positive reinforcement, and has been worked slowly and consistently, and as a result has no vices and is a simple and quiet mount. Bodhi would be perfect for anyone wanting to school, trail, and/or attend schooling shows. Price negotiable References required.

· Walk, trot, canter, with the beginnings of flying changes (over ground poles) lateral work, and shortening and lengthening at the trot.

· Started over fences. Green but willing and simple.

· Trail rides alone, and in groups.

· Rides in a snaffle, or bitless bridle. Good for an adult amateur, or intermediate youth

· Great ground manners, lunges, ties, clips, loads- a pleasure to work with.

*How does this look for a lease add? Text? Pictures? I figured I should start early since I am going to be so picky on the selection of a leaser.

Canadians: Where do you look for horse related things online? Where is a good place to post this?


  1. I think the ad looks great. Believe it or not, I found Gem on Kijiji. On Kijiji you can advertise locally or provincially I believe.

  2. Looks like a wonderful ad. It would make me want to call and check him out!

  3. I wish, wish, wish I were closer (and could afford it) because I would lease him in a minute. :*(

    Good luck with finding someone good to lease him!

  4. My suggestion would be to post flyers at your local stables, veterinary offices, tack stores, feed stores, etc. Contact pony clubs in your area. Tell everyone you know that is connected in some way with horses. Start getting the word out now to people who are close enough to be able to come visit without having to drive for more than an hour. The ideal situation would be if you could find someone who would be willing to take some lessons with you, on your horse, so that both of you feel comfortable with the relationship. Good luck! He's a cutie so I have no doubt you'll find someone very interested.

  5. Is there an instructor at the barn who you get along with and who you think is good?

    You said:
    "adult amateur, or intermediate youth"

    I've seen lots of lease terms in the past that required riders below a certain level to take X number of lessons a month with a certain instructor. (such as 1 a week or 2 a month)

    Might be a useful stipulation if you have an instructor you know of that you like.

    I'd hate for someone to undo any of the good work you've put into him.

    You might want to start advertising it now as spring/summer/fall. Even if it's only a partial lease until you leave. It could take you a fair amount of time to find the right person.

    Try contacting local barns and instructors in your area--they might know of a rider who is between horses or someone without a horse who would be looking for a lease for the summer.

    good luck!

    And study abroad sounds exciting--what kind of research will you be doing in Africa?


  6. I'd lease him! I like Jenny's suggestions too. We have 2 local boards for all things equine...maybe there is something like that for your area. Ask around, the locals will tell ya!

  7. You have been awarded the "Stylish Blogger Award". Please come by my blog ( to pick it up.

  8. I'd lease him! He sounds like a wonderful boy. If I lived closer I'd definitely call. Shame about this thing called the Atlantic Ocean in the middle...

    Good luck with finding someone!

  9. I'd lease him! He looks like a blast. :)