Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow bunny

Thank you for all the support and ideas last post! It was great to have support, and it is great to talk to folks who really understand how hard it is to do something like lease a very important horse

I like the idea about giving a few lessons to potential boarders first, so I can share with them things that work really well with Bodhi, and also to make sure the person is a good match. Call me crazy but I am not too worried about him getting "ruined" by someone. I know I do a lot of things differently then other horse trainers, but I think if I pick someone kind for Bodhi, even if they do train differently I think Bodhi is the kind of horse that can handle it. I think it will be good for his development.

Now: why you guys are really here- The ever elusive chunky monkey fluffy feral snow bunny....
click on the photos for up close cuteness...


  1. Love the ice on his whiskers in the last picture. He seems to have adjusted to winter quite nicely. Stay warm!!

  2. To darn cute, Bodhi is a gorgeous boy. Your weather looks similar to ours, as in brrrrrrrrrr.....

  3. Great photos!

    It looks like he is enjoying the snow.


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  5. Adorable! Looks like he's handling the winter well.

  6. Bohdi looks like he is doing quite well frolicking around in the frozen tundra :o) He is such a cute boy!

  7. Bodhi is an adorable snow bunny. He looks very fluffy and hugable. I like his winter coloring.

  8. Hudson and I want to lease him! He's so beautiful. Better, he looks very fun, sound minded, and playful.
    He reminds me of someone...a big shaggy playful pony.... hmmm