Friday, September 24, 2010

Graduate School is time consuming

Who knew? Since Bodhi's relocation I have only gone out to see him twice! It is going to be very difficult to be away from him for so long and I am already doubting my reasoning for bringing him up in the first place. Soon it will be winter which means no daylight and bitter cold. As for the summer I will probably be spending a good deal of it in Africa. For now though I am happy to spend every second I can steal with him.....

Here are some photos of last weekend when we went on a family walk across the flood plains. Hopefully this weekend we can do the same!

That strange plastic thing is a bag of cut up apples...

The Red River!

We are explorers!

So I got lazy....

The photographer! The best husband ever....


  1. Love the banner photo. Bodhi is super cute!! (How tall is he btw?)

    I hope you can find a way to enjoy the moment with Bodhi - the future will sort itself out :)

  2. Thanks! I like that it looks like he is smiling. I think he is around 14.2 but he may be taller. I have not sticked him in a loooooong time.

  3. Great new header. Love the pic.
    Enjoy what you have in the moments you have.

  4. Look like you had some fun - he probably doesn't mind just hanging out at all!

  5. When I moved away for grad school I announced a goal to my husband - I was going to find a barn to ride at over the two years I was there. After all, I was surrounded by gorgeous horse properties and surely I'd have some free time. Didn't happen.

    Hang in there - it really is worth it! Bodhi has such a good foundation, it won't hurt him to take it easy for awhile.

  6. Your new banner is gorgeous.
    Seems you won't be able to get much riding in, especially without an indoor in the winter. That's too bad. Being able to visit him will be nice though.

  7. I remember grad school, classes full time, working part time, barely having enough money to buy food. It wasn't the highlight of my life.

    At least he'll be there when you need him and just think of all the life experience he'll get: seeing snow, learning about blankets and ice, finding deer to spook at- well maybe that's just mine ;)