Sunday, September 26, 2010

fun on the flood way

(I just like the face I am making...)

So Bodhi is now at the edge of town right next to the "flood way" which is a series of ditches and banks around the Red River. It is the perfect place to go for a breeze, and it has some super inclines as well!

(not this wicked incline! Lucky we had our faithful sidekick to lead the way!)

I have never been much to hack out. I am not exactly sure why. Nothing horrible has ever happened to me on the trail. I think it is because I just have not done it enough as an adult rider (I loved the trails as a kid though!)

On Saturday I got up the courage to go ride out where last post I was walking. Bodhi and I went with Betsy and her mom. There were colorful moments to be sure. Bodhi did some head tossing and some minor pop ups when I told he had to stand while Betsy cantered. We had some pretty big spooks too (Betsy driven of course ;) ) Overall I was proud of my pony. We need more trail time though and Saturday taught me that I can handle it. Even when things get hairy!

Today I took him out alone (well not alone alone we had the sidekick and our photographer) to see how he'd be. He a Rock star!! I had so much fun cantering along the trail I can't stop smiling.

I see a similarity here don't you?

Ok.... just joking....

(A well deserved rest when we reached the top of the summit)

This is so much fun it makes me think could he possibly do low level eventing? Or how about endurance? Anyone who knows anything about endurance care to offer up an opinion?

zoom zoom!

EDIT: The photographer would like me to add the video he took. It showcases the crazy wind we were dealing with. He points out that the wind makes how calm Bodhi was more impressive... :)
Also check out the comparison photo I added to aid you in your opinions of Bodhi's future endurance career. Uncanny isn't it?


  1. Looks like fun!
    I'm jealous--I miss having easy trail access.

    I'm sure he would be great at endurance. I don't know much about endurance training, but I think most horses are capable of doing endurance after some conditioning.


  2. Fun. Here is as flat as a pancake I need hills!

    Bodhi's genetic makeup (muscular) is mostly slow oxidative fibers. These are the "slow but strong" or red muscles. They are powerful but have a small diameter to exchange nutrients for waste meaning the horse would tire faster than say an Arab but have a longer endurance when it comes to carrying/pulling a weight, but at a slow speed. Make any sense?

  3. sure! :) It means we could compete but we may not be competitive ;) ... He already does everything at a slow speed no matter the distance! :)

  4. You could probably manage LD, which is Limited Distance rides - they are only 25 miles and can be great fun. We did 15 and it was a blast. If your horse is serviceably sound you should be in great shape to do endurance!

  5. yep he is sound. We would need loooots of conditioning though to get to even a LD level, we are both pretty fluffy!

    but it is something I have always wanted to pursue. I know haffies are used as pack horses but i would be curious to see if there are any other haffies doing endurence?

  6. Bodhi could manage the LD with a bit of conditioning work. Could "the photographer" keep up to take such wonderful pictures though? I think not. :)

    Also, there were two FANTASTIC videos that showed how incredibly windy it was out there on the floodway today. I think those would make a great addition to this post. It would make Bodhi look that much more impressive, too. I have seen many a horse completely flip out in similar conditions. Go Bodhi!

  7. Love the photos and I'm so glad you added videos, thank goodness you have such a helpful photographer. And I couldn't agree more -- the likeness is uncanny (and HOLY COW I had no IDEA people rode their horses up cliffs like that! OMG - Tucker would faint).

  8. Looks like great fun! He's so cute and seems so capable - there are probably lots of things you two could do together!

  9. I say go for a 25 miler. I used to do those with my arab when I was a kid and had a great time. It's long enough so you get the experience but not so long that it really taxes your horse.

    I'm jealous of that long, flat stretch you were riding on. Looks like a great place to let it all out.

  10. I'm with Marissa. I had no ideas horse would or could do such things as climb cliffs like that.

    My eventing buddy rides a Halfie gelding and has a blast! He's pretty well put together, but definitely pony. They can eventually get to novice, or maybe training if he really likes it. I say go for it!

  11. Thank you for sharing! I will be dealing with bad weather this winter as well (we're at 7600ft in Pagosa Springs, CO), so enjoy the good weather as long as you can :-)

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Trainee Instructor
    Parelli Central

  12. Out on his own in a wind when he's not used to it is very impressive. It's great that you had so much fun. I loved the comparison pictures!

  13. He was a very good boy in that wind! Looks like a fun ride to me. I think you should do whatever makes you both happy and see where it takes you. :o)

  14. What a good boy! Those winds were no horses mind goes out w/ the wind like that. Fun ride :)