Monday, January 25, 2010

Great Weekend!

I had a great weekend. I went on a trail ride into a neighborhood with some fellow boarders and Bodhi and I worked on clicker work. He will now pick up a cone and hand it to me (to be fair sometimes he hits me with it!) I have also had some really amazing aha! moments for training in general that are still in the works but I can not wait to share. They are about poisoned cues and Natural Horsemanship. But it is Monday and I have work to do so lets roll the pictures of the ride!

Tie also is doing great! He got a bath on Sunday and when I let him loose he took with a canter and a buck and rolled! This is the first time we have seen him roll so he must me feeling better!


  1. Glad to hear about Tie. Sounds like he's on the mend and enjoying himself.

    Looks like you all had fun on your ride. It's nice to have good weather and good friends to spend the day with.

  2. Looks like you had a fun ride! At first I thought to myself - what on earth is she doing riding through water when it is so cold! Then I remembered that you live in Florida. lol

    Lucky you!

    Looking forward to reading about your training progress...

  3. Yes it was really warm this weekend! We are very lucky to have nice days like Saturday and Sunday. I have not gone on a group ride in a year I think... it is nice to enjoy I pretty day with friends.

    We will see where Tie is headed but my gut says that this was a bend in the road that will lead to his recovery. I hope I am right!

  4. Nice pics :) I think Klein and I have pretty much forgotten what it is like to ride with other people, looks like fun!

  5. You fit him so well! What I would give to be petite! Even if I was a size 2, I'd be too big for bodhi.

  6. Thanks! That is something I am self conscious about... I went from riding a 16.1 TB to Bodhi at 14.2. Even though I have done the math for what his weight bearing capacity should be and I am always under I am afraid that we look mix matched. Bodhi does have a big barrel so takes up a lot of leg which I am greatful for.

    Stacey-- I wish I could do more riding alone. I am a weanie! Your scenery for rides also beats out Fl any day!

  7. Great photos! The horses and humans all look quite happy.

    You look fine for him and he looks perfectly comfortable carrying you.

    (Most) small, stocky horses are much more comfortable carrying a larger % of their body weight than some of the leaner, taller horses. Especially if the rider has at least an okay seat and balance.

    You should see some of the cowboys down here on their 14.2 quarter horses, complete with a 50 lb or so western saddle.