Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are we sure this is Florida?

We have ice in our buckets, and frost in our grass. This is just not right! There is actually a chance of snow tomorrow night. It has not snowed here since 1989.

Bodhi is doing fine. I have not had but one real ride on him since returning from the holidays. Two other people have "borrowed" him for trail rides though. All reports of his behavior were positive. Both people did experience some jigging (his favorite trail ride activity) but otherwise he was a perfect gentleman. I am actually glad he is doing it universally. I was beginning to think it was my nerves that caused his antics. In reality I think it is his frustration over how much slower he walks in comparison to other horses. He will soon learn that if he would just relax and lengthen his stride then he could keep up!

Our last ride Bodhi got his left(problem) lead over a pole from the trot three times in a row. He had this determined and tenacious look on his face that made me feel like this lead thing has finally "clicked" for him. We will see. I would like to show him in training level in the shows coming up this month and next but it all depends on this one lead. I am trying to decide if I should take him anyways if he does not get it in time. Taking him into intro again would not be the end of the world. I am really just interested in the experience of showing for him not anything else though I am eager to rise to the challenge of a higher level. We will see.

Tie is in good spirits and seems to be slowly gaining weight. He has received his latest food increase this week and we will see where this leads him. He has been a bit wobbly which has the GP BM and I concerned though our vet says this is a normal thing for an old horse like him to experience. Has any one else had a wobbly senior?


  1. Noble (now 29) got a bit wobbly a year or so ago, and now I am careful when I hold up a hind foot as he can get a bit teetery. The oldest horse at our barn can also be a little unsteady without all 4 feet on the ground. Both of them move fine otherwise. I think sometimes this is just due to arthritis, and sometimes it can be something else. I stopped riding Noble at that time because of the unsteadiness, mostly because it seemed to worry him.

  2. Snow in Florida! Well I never! I graduated high school in 1989! Twenty years ago! Wow, I can't imagine living somewhere where it does not snow for 20 years. :) Cute blog, will be back by to visit!!
    p.s my friends have a dog named Bodhi. They named him after the character in the movie Point Break!

  3. Thanks for the visit pony girl! That is where Bodhi get's his name sake as well. The woman I bought him from was a Patrick Swayze fan and thought Bodhi was like a blond surfer dude. I thought it was in reference to the term of enlightenment

    Boy was I wrong!

  4. Either way, he's a handsome man!! I love reading your blog, by the way... :)

  5. Thanks Lopinon--- I think so too though I am biased of course. I look forward to looking at your blog! :)

  6. I hope it doesn't snow on you. That's just not fair if you live in Florida.

    Bodhi sounds like he enjoys his trail rides. He'll slow down eventually. Sounds like you're having fun.