Tuesday, April 19, 2011


First Photograph of Bodhi I took.

First time wearing the saddle (learning to kick the ball)

First time on his back.

First time with the side reins

First Dressage test

First crossrail

First group trail ride

First water experience (and first trace clip!)

Sometimes I feel like I am not progressing fast enough with Bodhi. Looking at all our firsts though I know we are off to a good start! What are you favorite firsts?


  1. I think yours is a wonderful record of firsts. You are both meant for each other. My usual routine to get Gem was to enter his field and start calling his name so that he would know that I was there. Eventually, I'd walk up to him wherever he was in the field and halter him. After months and months of this routine, one day I called his name as I entered the field and he trotted over to me!! I couldn't believe it. My heart skipped a beat. That is one of my favourite firsts. He actually recognized me and wanted to be with me. :-)

  2. First time I got back on Gwen after breaking my ankle- that was a crying moment for sure!

    Personally, I've decided to give up any notion of a timetable for my horses. I don't like having to try to meet deadlines, I always feel like I have to subvert my morals to do it.

  3. Wolfie- seeing that my horse recognizes and is happy to see me is so wonderful the first and everytime! That is a great one!

    smazourek- true true I think that is something I have to remember myself. No deadlines! It is hard to drop the goal driven attitude sometimes.

  4. I'm with Shannon, I don't do deadlines anymore. It is what it is and happens when it happens. No pressure. You and Bodhi have come a long way and I like your post of firsts.

    If I had a first with Dusty it would probably be when she didn't pin her ears at me while she was eating. Or when she came to me when I called her in from her paddock and she decided not to be deaf.

    The best first with Blue was while riding him after a long layoff for my knee replacement, we were riding along the fence line and about 75 or more motorcycles passed and he didn't even look up at them. Now after being on a spooky horse (Erik) for 15 years I felt like giving him the biggest hug and kiss for just being him.

  5. I love seeing the pictorial history picture. Lots of firsts there!! Timetables just never seem to work - life gets in the way.

  6. Nice post!!
    My favorite "firsts" have to be the first rides on the horses I start under saddle. Even though I rarely do more than a few steps of walking in the first session... nothing beats it for an exhilarating experience... and somehow I never take it for granted!

  7. Thank you for sharing the pictures... My recent favorite first was Cash laying down and letting me walk up to her and sit down. Knowing how unconfident she used to be and "hyperalert" that was a biggy for us!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central