Saturday, November 20, 2010


Winter greetings!

Finally... snow. We got to go play in the powder today. A few slips, and Bodhi's feet collected quite a bit of snow (is that normal?) but otherwise we had a great time. My little Florida boy ate a ton of snow and spent a good deal of the time looking like a drama alpaca (I don't think he is quite a llama)

We had a blast though. I look forward to more winter riding!

Snow! nom nom nom nom

Bitless insures that he does not have cold metal in his mouth and he is free to eat snow till the cows come home.....

Bodhi and his trusty side kick miss Stella B!

Drama alpaca!

The husband can be coaxed to ride, and Stella encourages him!


  1. You look like a true Canadian, all bundled up like that! :-) Gem does get snow packed into his feet, but most times it dislodges itself and falls off. There are times where I have to sort of chip it off. What I like about the snow is that Gem's feet are always nice and clean. :-)

  2. Camryn gets snow packed in her feet as well. Doesn't seem to bother her. Love the pix, though not looking forward to snow SIGH Wish my hubby could be coaxed into a ride.

  3. Great pictures... looks like fun :)

    This link has some good info about riding in snow...

  4. BRR! I do not want that white stuff. Do.Not.Want.
    Normally snow shouldn't pack up without shoes but try spraying the bottoms of his feet with Pam or similar non sicks spray.

  5. You have hit snow already ? We are just getting to 40 degrees! Have fun riding !

  6. Snow can be fun - looks like you're acclimating! Snow does sometimes get in bare feet, but to a much lesser extent than with shoes - then you can get dangerous "ice balls" packed in. Sydney's idea sounds like a good one - I'll have to try that.

  7. Ai! Makes me happy I am still nice and toasty down here in Miami. Florida says "hi" to you and Bodhi, lol.
    Now you need to make a snow fort, snow man, snow angel, snow balls, and go sledding! Wheeeee! Or teach Bodhi how to do skijoring.
    Have FUN!!

  8. Those pictures are great! Drama Alpaca... too funny. I will tell the Drama Llama that he has a cousin up north. Looks like you guys are having fun despite the cold. I usually rinse Tucker's feet with hot water when he comes in to de-snow-ball him, but he's got shoes....

  9. You look like you're both having a blast! I've heard vaseline works well for snow packs. Bodhi is just too adorable, don't let him eat the yellow snow though. Ha. Love your new header, it's beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Brrr, but you GO girl! Glad everybody had fun (now where's the hot chocolate?? :o)

  11. Love the last pic! My friend used to tape maxi pads to her horse's hooves to avoid getting snowballs packed into her feet.

    I thought of you guys last weekend at the horse trials. There were two Halfies there and they were rockin' it! Everyone loved them!