Sunday, October 3, 2010

We have a Ring!

and man is it a nice one!
It was just finished on Thursday and so I am in a rush to enjoy it why it lasts. Also tried out a new bit. It had copper rollie thingies and no middle piece (so regular snaffle) Bodhi seemed to like it. He was soft, droolie and we had some really nice moments including some walk canter transitions. I am still heading towards the bitless though. I am planning on buying us a Nutural Bridle for Christmas.

I feel like going bitless is like going vegetarian. My transition has not been a straight one. Just like when I was first going vegetarian I kept balking at taking the final plunge, and then falling of the wagon when I promised myself that it was what I wanted. Some people are the jump in with both feet kind, but I am not.

So for those of you who are thinking of going vegetarian or bitless: Take your time, do your research and don't feel like you have to throw your current life style away in one day. Take steps toward your goal and know you are doing something good. Been a vegetarian now for 10 years- I say I did it right.




I need canter position help...

I also need funny face therapy...


  1. Don't worry we all make hilarious faces when riding.
    Some people bitless takes time, few (like myself) the plunge was instant and I've never looked back.

  2. I stick my tongue out a lot when I'm concentrating so I feel your funny face pain.

    Someday I'll go full vegetarian, I currently eat very little meat, but sometimes I just really crave a turkey sandwich. Vegan is something I could never do though, I loves my cheese!

  3. Oh yeah, don't worry -- I think we all make funny faces whilst riding! Let's just call it a sign of good concentration. ;-)

  4. That looks like a nice ring! I don't have one where I am and I miss having one sometimes...

    I've been meaning to try bitless, but just haven't felt like shelling out the $$ to buy one.

  5. Nice ring! I can't imagine not having an outdoor ring. We also have an arena which is great for winter riding, although it's not heated.

    I have seen video of myself and I make squinty faces and sometimes pucker my mouth...very attractive. :-)

    My husband and I have reduced our meat intake quite a bit and having vegetarian meals is not uncommon for us. I am not sure if we will ever be completely vegetarian, but you never know...

  6. Enjoy that outdoor ring while you can! Winterpeg winters are fierce!! I wish we had an out door arena but our heated indoor is nice for horrible MN winters.

  7. Ring looks great and so do you guys! Love the new banner - he looks awesome. Glad he liked the copper roller, that's one of my favorite bits too.