Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have been trying to find homes for the other two horses from the farm that I got Tie from. The girl I have to deal with who originally agreed that finding homes for everyone was a good idea is being very uncooperative and uncommunicative. They are maintaining their weight (though they are looking strange to me showing ribs despite both of them being over weight and out of shape) and probably could on air alone. Their feet were just done via my last endeavor, however that won't last. I want to find them homes before they get worse and it is harder to find them homes if you know what I mean.
I found a home for Gus-- 16 year old quarter horse that is blind in one eye but has a heart of gold and ride very well-- but this girl only wants to do a free lease. In other words she wants to keep the papers. This new home wants the papers. It is a big argument over what I see as a minor issue. What is being left out in all of this is the horse' best interest of course.
She is hard to get a hold of. In fact if I really want to talk to her I need to go to parties, because that is where she is at. When I try and reason with her she blows me off with a series of sures, laters, and I'll get to it's with a few eye roles thrown in for good measure. You can imagine how this makes me feel.

I have a feeling she is going to stop cooperating at all to find these two horses homes. This I feel is because I took Tie, the horse that was most obviously showing her abuse. She has no real reason to cooperate anymore.

I am so frustrated. I want to find a solution for this and I want to get the horses to barns where they will be fed, shod, loved, and cared for but no one will throw me a bone.

I am being treated like dirt by this girl and I stand back in amazement-- you are getting a free pass for abuse! We used to be friends. I am only trying to help!

Are local authorities are completely useless in this respect before anyone recommends this

So I guess this is why I could never do rescue for a living. It consumes me and irritates me to the point or rage.

Thanks for listening hopefully the vent will help me feel better. Here is something to cheer you up. Here is a picture of Tie when we brought him--- and here he is now! An attitude improvement at last! He has also started to gain some weight though his feet still really scare me. We need to have the farrier out to look at him again. A bit of good news in all this gloom.


  1. That is one tough situation. I wish I could offer some helpful suggestions but unfortunately (or fortunately, for me) I have no similar experience and can only offer a virtual ear for your well-deserved venting.

    I know it doesn't seem like enough but you've done so much good already - just look at Tie's face! Try to hang on to your success, you are making a huge difference to him.

    I guess this is why Fugly says trying to help abusers doesn't work. It must hurt all that much more that she used to be a friend. It's just so hard to understand. I'm sorry you have to go through this, you are obviously a very caring, generous person.

  2. I know she used to be a friend but she doesn't sound like she should have any horses in her care. I don't blame you for being angry. Obviously, she's more interested in partying than taking care of her obligations. If calling the authorities will do no good perhaps you can corner her and have one last talk with her and try to shame her into helping find good homes for the horses. Does she have family that could talk to her on behalf of the horses because that might be a way to go. Her family members may be embarrassed to learn how her horses are being treated and how the horse community at large sees her mistreatment of animals and disapproves.

    This sort of situation is always hard and frustrating. How people can see a horse suffering and not do anything about it is beyond me. I would be spitting bullets by now and would probably do something rash like finding homes for the horses anyway without her approval. But since I don't really know the whole situation it is hard to comment on it. Wish I had a decent idea that would help.

    Tie looks great, it's so nice of you to take him on and take care of him. I'm sure he appreciates it more than you know.

  3. It is beyond me too! She is not on speaking terms with her family--though I am, and they have been helpful so far, with helping me financially with Tie. I have a few new avenues to explore for Gus that will be a "free lease" like she wants though the home I mentioned above is *perfect* for him. I will continue to track her down, and pester her until the horses find homes but I have to wonder what is she learning from this? She still has not learned anything about consequences or about personal responsibility. She is already making excuses about the situation... Makes me sad

    I don't think there is any other way to do this though. The most important thing is the horses.
    Thanks for the ear guys! I am just blowing off steam. It is a difficult and complicated situation and that is just the way these things go I guess!