Friday, October 9, 2009

Horseback riding is a workout!

If you do it right!

I have been thinking alot about fitness lately. Since I only have one horse to ride I really don't feel like it is enough exercise for me. In addition, for dressage I think I need to start supplementing my practice with off the horse work outs to strengthen my core. I have started doing yoga on the weekends. Wow way more work then I would have thought!

I have heard of yoga and pilates classes specifically for horse people has anyone taken one? Does anyone else work out off the horse to improve your time off the horse? I would love to hear what others are doing to stay toned and in shape for our equine friends!

Here is two links for horsie calorie counters! Wow I can not wait to have something to curry off of Bodhi!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. I do try to exercise off the horse, but don't always get the time to stick with it. Mostly I just walk on the treadmill or around the farm, I use a recumbent bike, ride, use my daughter's elliptical once in a while. There's a stretching tape that I use too called Equistretch,it's not as easy as it sounds either. I never got into Pilates(but I do have a tape or two) and I've been meaning to get into Yoga.

    Now if I could just stick with something on a regular basis, I could do some good for myself. The winter should be easier to accomplish this.